Online, We Loves Us Our Wimmins

Manboy: “I would love to be a laser beam operator, I’d turn the boatload of men pirates into women with one quick burst…”

Saw a Youtube vid of a laser demonstration at sea. The above was in the comments below the vid. Just couldn’t let it stand. Responded with:

O.Babe: “Dear Manboy: While I agree with the sentiment behind your comment, it seems time someone educated you that we women are not lesser men, without the dangle-y parts. Getting real tired of that, and of the terms “women” and “girls” being used as synonyms for “gutless”.  Especially when the shoe does not fit, or at least not any better than it does your gender. Plus, as a group, we’d aim those lasers better, dude.”

Perhaps what I should have added to give poor Manboy a harder reality check was “Are men really women with their tits cut off, and half a tit twisted and sewn back on where their normal vagina should have been?” But poor Manboy was probably shocked enough to hear from a female at all, it never having crossed his mind there were any in the audience.

If You Are Online, Odds Are About 7 to 1, You Is

Well, the dialogue was not yet over. Of course, this female had to be corrected:

Manboy: Not sure how you got from what I was trying to say to what you interpreted. Maybe you read a ton more between the lines, but lets assume I was not clear. Sorry about that. ;>) ”

Sorry, Manboy. That won’t fly:

O.Babe: “Upvoted you for apology, but still miss point–no between-line read needed: Men minus dicks = women. Women minus tits = men? Don’t think so, Manboy, and neither do you. Your admittedly cute remark was based on cultural tradition that those emasculated guys would then be women, and therefore, now helpless. Don’t think so, Manboy, but you–the general you–guys–do. Anyhow, no biggie, not worth more ink. Was just tryin’ to remind you that women be in audience, too. Peace.”

Jeez, the male-skewed perspective really hits you when you spend time online.
Oh, here’s the laser demo, in case you’re interested (I was!).

Okay, yeah, should have stopped this post right there, but here’s another:

Was reading an article about Houdini and ran into the third sentence of the first paragraph:

It’s the early 20th century. You want to take in a magic show.
You’ve got your spats on, your mustache is all waxed and ready.

Darling, Have You Seen My Spats?

I had to put in my one cent’s worth again on this one.  Here’s the comment I posted:

Outlier:  Oh gosh, what an eye-poppin’ surprise. Another article with another opening assuming male readers only.  But I forgot my mustache-wax. And this one written by a female. So d*mn tired of it…

Here’s part of the gush of sympathetic response:
RCastro:  Oh gosh, you are hurt! Come everyone and bond…

Outlier:  Am/Was not hurt–far from the point–but this response, assuming so, is not merely lacking in empathy, but demonstrates its opposite with great gusto.  Fire away again (with more blanks) should you wish. 

RCastro:  Keep your glasses on if you want. They let you see what really is important, do they? I am a father to 3 kids. They tend to over-react and see certain things in an exaggerated scale. Sometimes I poke at them and they give a fit, sometimes I poke at them and they laugh.  But I’d like to think it always makes them think.  Peace.

Bet Mr. Poke-bully’s one heck of a fun dad!

“IceTrey” had this to say to me:  I’m sure your mustache would look much better with a little wax.

I responded:  It might at that, cubeless one. And if you could manage to grow one, your looks too, might improve.

Don't Hate the Cubeless--Pity Them

2014/02–never noticed the entire beginning of post had somehow been dropped! D*MN!!! (maybe way back, clumsily migrated it from Blogger??? how embarrassing…).
Also, removed Manboy’s real name–should never have included it to begin with.
2011/13–no text, images–just added excerpt

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  1. Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological world the
    whole thing is presented on net?



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