Why Blog About Billing?

How Hard Can It Be: Same Stuff in the Same Place

Account Number,
Total Owed (Your “Debt”),
Payment Due Date,
Minimum Payment,
Closing Date,
Our Billing Phone #,
Our Address
These all oughta be in the same place on every bill.  Always.


  • Anyone else tired of hunting for these in a different spot every time?
  • Ever watched an elderly person try to do it?
  • This one is simple, folks: It ought to be a law, so that slow people, dumb people, old people, tired people, hurried people–ALL people–can just find what they want and pay the friggin’ bill and move on.  
  • You online folk all use autopay, or pay your bills online–well, too cool for you, but not everyone does.  And, BTW, if you use online billing, lean over and spread ’em, ’cause TANSTAASIC (there ain’t no such thing as a secure internet connection). If you use wifi, spread ’em wider.

    Smart To Pay Bills Online, Ja ? NEJ !

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