E-Book Sticker Shock

Ed and I Are of One Mind When It Comes to E-books (But When It Comes to the Use of Quotation Marks on Signs, We Part Ways)

Are you all crazy??!!!! You non-noobs are paying prices like $7.99 apiece for E-books?? The “publishers” have no (or next to no) printing costs, no paper costs, no warehousing costs, no shipping costs, almost no booksigning costs… Please explain to me why you are paying prices equivalent to those for paper copies? (I really do want to know.)

At least the possibility of price-fixing is now being looked into.

As a lower-rung economic ladder dweller, this issue concerns me particularly because, when fewer and fewer paper copies are published and e-books are in the majority, with prices being what they are:

What happens to we lower-income folk? An even worse class division based on access to e-books?

Currently, I can, eventually, get almost any book from a library or used bookstore, if I’m lucky enough to live near one and have access to transport. Will free e-libraries provide loans of ALL e-books? (“Bookflix”, anyone?) And won’t these be versions that expire…? You see the problem?

Some of us po’ folk is a mite worried ’bout how this will all shake out. Particularly for those with low or moderate reading skills, to whom each of the the free e-books is, in a real sense, a closed book: A harder-to-read classic with high-falutin’ vocabulary, or similar inaccessible or uninteresting item.


Boring? But It's Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe"!

Immediately after my fall from loftier economic rungs, my reading access was sharply curtailed because I could no longer afford to buy the latest favorites (oh, how I miss browsing and brunching at Barnes!). Now, since e-books, things have already gotten much worse. When everyone wanted Stiegg Larsson? A five month wait at the library. You try staying current, keeping up with conversations, or even joining a book club when you’re half a year behind the rest of the world.

Please. Take away all our money–it’s already happened–but leave us poor our books–one kind or t’other.

A Once-Avid Reader. Now Too Poor Both For Adequate Clothing, and Words on the Pages of Her Book. (Gratuitous Sexual Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

F*ck You, Women Readers—Android Market

An e-book noobie in the woods, I excitedly trip over to the Misogynist Android Market to see what free offerings might be available for such poor folk as I.  A nasty surprise alurks:

Under “Fiction”, I see a category that interests me: “Adventure”. At the same level, another is called “Men’s Adventure”. 

I look in vain for a “Women’s Adventure” equivalent.   What the hell, Android Market?!

Looking at the books within the two categories—
“Adventure”, welcoming men, women, or children, and
“Men’s Adventure”, to which only men are invited—

I see that, in Android’s opinion, women are not interested in reading, for example, Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, Wilbur Smith, or Edgar Rice Burroughs.  

What the hell, Android Market?!

I like all four of those authors!  Particularly Follett and Smith.  Just to make certain, I check down between my legs:  Yup.  A fine, fine innie.  Definitely not an outie.
Books Android Market thinks no women should read:

Stay Away from Adventure If It's Not Romance, Ladies!!!

Books Android Market thinks women should stick to:

Let the Little Ladies Stick to Classics or Kids Books

Understand, though, men are welcome to read these, too–this is, after all, not a “Women’s” category.  Perhaps the higher-brow offerings in this grouping are intended for the men, or to improve our naturally-feebler minds, and the children’s books are intended for women and children.

F*ck you right back, Android Market.  Yours Truly, Outlier Babe.

Thank You, Bailey Weaver From Medford, For Doing to Android Market What I Am Too Polite To Do

Just for the record, Life of Pi is one of my favorite books, but I also love a trashy getaway as much as the next gal. How dare Android Market try to limit my choices by how I stand or sit to urinate, and how dare they, fifty years after the 60’s, be boldly, brazenly offering a “Men’s” category of anything other than undergarments? It gets me ill. It really does.
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