A Case for God

Isn’t it just too cute and oh so young that radical atheists insist on disobeying grammatical rules in order to lowercase the proper noun God when saying they don’t believe in him? 

And silly, too…Not the disbelief (which I totally get, being an intelligent, not entirely-uneducated person, though a believer) but the lower-casing.

The same folk who do this will upper-case Allah, mind you, ever-respectful of the cultures of “others”. As if Allah and God are not both proper names.

As if they don’t both refer to the same almighty being believed in by some people–

Heaven Is In Your Head


–but worshipped in widely-different ways.

Re: God, and my belief in him (and his in me), I once wrote an email to a friend giving a long litany of complaints about how everything had been going wrong, after which I added:

“The dumb thing is, when I really do wake up and start the day by fully saying all my prayers meaningfully, those days ALWAYS go better. 

You would think I would learn something from this!”  
Joseph Has His Doubts

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