Should Conservatives Be ‘Outed’ For Their Abortions?


All those male Americans deciding what all we female Americans must have happen to our bodies.

How many of their wives, daughters, and mistresses have had abortions, with their full knowledge and consent–even frantic encouragement, perhaps, in the case of mistresses and daughters?

How many single or divorced women who profess to be anti-abortion have jumped the fence privately when the stick showed pink but still held to the party line publicly?

Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing? I would.

No One Should Get An Abortion Except My Wife

Here’s One We KNOW About

Here’s one who was hiding it:
“When one woman became pregnant, the staunch anti-abortion conservative pressured her into terminating the pregnancy.” (Raw Story)

Absolutely. Just Don't Forget to Defend the Baby and Mother's Future Lives.

And here’s what they’re forcing on the rest of us women–and let’s keep two facts in mind throughout:

1. Every completed pregnancy and delivery risks a woman’s life–Any law which forces a woman to complete a pregnancy forces a woman to risk her life. This isn’t just hyperbole:

“Women who are 15 years old in 2014 face a lifetime risk of dying of 1 in 2,400.” (from a pregnancy-related death)

2. Women using birth control properly still get pregnant and can get pregnant more than once in a lifetime–even many times.

So we are not talking about ONE possible abortion in a woman’s lifetime. And when I describe below the damage done to a woman from pregnancy and child-bearing and child-rearing, you must understand that it is exponential with EVERY completed pregnancy and delivery.

Every wanted child, and every child FORCED upon a woman.



Painful labor–likely many, many hours of it, the pain of which is for some women is truly the most excruciating one can imagine (far worse than kidney stones–commonly compared–if you ask women who have had stones).
Another 18 to 21 years of their lives, while they raise a child to adulthood;
Reduced living circumstances through reduced finances

– Reduced finances directly, because of childcare and medical costs, and
– Reduced finances indirectly, because of adverse affects on employment (women with children are paid less by employers–men with children are paid more!).

These factors contribute to the continuing economic marginalization of women. The more unplanned children they are forced to support, the lower down the economic ladder they and their children will live for the rest of their lives.


Varicose veins, to the point of causing dangerous lack of circulation in the legs and requiring surgery.

Reduced bladder control, to the point of requiring diapers, needing surgery to repair.

With every pregnancy and delivery, a step closer to reduced sexual attractiveness to most males–more dropped and flattened breasts, larger abdomens, increased numbers of fat cells.

More chance of prolapses, rectoceles and fistulas. Life-long horrors if left untreated, but now sometimes left untreated when the woman can’t afford the cost of surgery. (Imagine men putting up with this. I can’t.)

And let’s just bring this last one out into the open–Some women don’t like to talk about this one or admit it:
More stretched vaginal canals leading for some women or their partners to less sexual pleasure for the remainder of their lives.
(The male dollar-distributing decision-makers were initially fine with public MediCare dollars covering Viagra et. al. to rejuvenate sexual pleasure for older men, but surgeries to restore full sexual function or pleasure for women who have given birth have always been considered “cosmetic”.)  Each of these health or sexual issues is more of a risk with every additional pregnancy and delivery, and every divorced or single woman bears the financial brunt–not the men who decide this for them.
Increased risks to health, sexuality, and financial security, with every pregnancy and delivery–not just once.

And let’s just not go into the subject of those bastards who tell women to grow each accidental pregnancy into a baby and then give birth to her and give her away. Those people hate either women or children, or both, if they think a loving God would want a woman to do this. Don’t tell me they’re unaware of what happens to children in our current national shame of a foster system.

I had children, and for me, they were worth the host of ills listed above (and in my case, with autoimmune connective-tissue problems, I needed three surgeries post-childbirth to correct the damage, one of which I had to pay for without insurance). My children were wanted and cherished. But I also had an abortion at my unmarried age of 17, without the knowledge of my abusive parents, and I would do it again in a heartbeat in order to save both the teen I was then and and my not-yet-child from that horrible situation. If the current set of American males who control females get their way, girls and women in similar situations won’t have that choice.

In future, the only American women who will continue to be able to get abortions easily will be the same ones who have always been able to do so:
Rich people who are not morally opposed to abortion, and rich people who publicly claim that they are.

Please Use Contraception Wisely : )

Not really promoting outing the women who force all of this on the rest of us. Just making a point, or trying to.

2014-02 Entirely removed the text related to more than one abortion to refer simply to more than one birth. No one could relate to multiple abortions per woman (sorry, you women to whom this situation applies). Changed the title and opening and closing paragraphs due to the changed focus.

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