F*ck You, Women Readers—Android Market

An e-book noobie in the woods, I excitedly trip over to the Misogynist Android Market to see what free offerings might be available for such poor folk as I.  A nasty surprise alurks:

Under “Fiction”, I see a category that interests me: “Adventure”. At the same level, another is called “Men’s Adventure”. 

I look in vain for a “Women’s Adventure” equivalent.   What the hell, Android Market?!

Looking at the books within the two categories—
“Adventure”, welcoming men, women, or children, and
“Men’s Adventure”, to which only men are invited—

I see that, in Android’s opinion, women are not interested in reading, for example, Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, Wilbur Smith, or Edgar Rice Burroughs.  

What the hell, Android Market?!

I like all four of those authors!  Particularly Follett and Smith.  Just to make certain, I check down between my legs:  Yup.  A fine, fine innie.  Definitely not an outie.
Books Android Market thinks no women should read:

Stay Away from Adventure If It's Not Romance, Ladies!!!

Books Android Market thinks women should stick to:

Let the Little Ladies Stick to Classics or Kids Books

Understand, though, men are welcome to read these, too–this is, after all, not a “Women’s” category.  Perhaps the higher-brow offerings in this grouping are intended for the men, or to improve our naturally-feebler minds, and the children’s books are intended for women and children.

F*ck you right back, Android Market.  Yours Truly, Outlier Babe.

Thank You, Bailey Weaver From Medford, For Doing to Android Market What I Am Too Polite To Do

Just for the record, Life of Pi is one of my favorite books, but I also love a trashy getaway as much as the next gal. How dare Android Market try to limit my choices by how I stand or sit to urinate, and how dare they, fifty years after the 60’s, be boldly, brazenly offering a “Men’s” category of anything other than undergarments? It gets me ill. It really does.
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