Victory Over the Devil’s Minions

Sorry, devil worshippers. It is possible demons are present in this post, but if so, it is only in auditory form. I recommend you try instead

While I was waking, my sisters were talking to each other in the room we three shared at the time.  The problem was, that wasn’t all I was hearing:

There were dozens of other voices talking only to me. Evil, loudly whispering voices of demons.
Demon With Big Schlong MosaicImagine Lots of These Guys (Minus the Distracting Schlong) and Gal Demons Too, Angrily, Harshly Whispering, and Their Poisonous Words Going, Instead of Into An Eye, Into My Little Girl’s Ear

I would have thought the voices were leftovers from a nightmare, except that I was awake now, and they weren’t going away.

The sunlight was coming in the window over my sister Macy’s bed, I kept hearing both my sisters conversing, these voices were yelling at me in whispers, and I thought I was going crazy, because Macy and Megan weren’t hearing anything.

I decided that I would try talking, too, and then maybe the voices would stop. 

I began to speak to my sisters, slowly joining their conversation.  It was hard to do, because of the distraction of the other voices, but I was able to put in a few words here and there.  It didn’t help.  The voices didn’t stop. 

I remember I made a little high-pitched half-crying whine and pulled the covers up over my head, squeezing my eyes shut.  Of course, that didn’t help, either.    What was I going to do?

[] By D Sharon Pruitt [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Poor Little Muffin–Possibly Crazy As a Loon, Though

I took the covers off my head.  I looked around the room.  Everything was so normal.  Everything except the demons yelling at me in whispers. 

So I decided to ignore them.

Hear No Evil Speak No Evil See No Evil Monkey Carving Simple Solution: Mental Monkey No. 1

That’s right.
I knew that God wouldn’t let demons have any power over me, and no one else could hear the voices, so I boxed them up and put them aside.
Once I made the mental decision that I was not going to listen to them or worry about them, but just go about my normal business, they immediately became less important to me.
By the end of that morning, they simply faded away.
The voices did recur a couple of more times in my childhood, and they were very frightening each time, but the same treatment laid them to rest each time.

We all know, because of the film A Beautiful Mind, that the schizophrenic mathematician John Nash heroically learned to ignore the illusions caused by his illness.  Well, guess what buddy—you weren’t the first!   A little girl named B. was.

  Good job, little B.!

You know what?  I’m a big grown-up now, rereading this, and I’ve decided I deserve yet another big pat on the back for being such a big smarty-pants, and for not growing up to become another schizophrenic bag lady.  Good job, B.!  I am so proud of you, since your useless mommy and daddy weren’t! You were a smart little cutie, and you still are!
NOTE: This was originally posted in Dec., 2011 as the second half of Victory Over the Devil”.

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  1. Is this fact or fiction OB? Either way, it is a fascinating read.


    • It is fact, Paul. Either they were truly demons, or I am/was truly schizophrenic.

      We were victims of severe emotional abuse (and moderate physical, being hit in the face daily and elsewhere on occasion), so mental illness at a young age would be unsurprising. But I like the positive take-away: That I conquered “them”.


      • Amazing that you survuved that experience reatively unscathed. That took an enormous amount of strength and force of will. You are very special OB.


        • You are very sweet, Paul. Actually, I am pretty darn scathed. On the online dating sites, a lot of the guys specify they don’t want anyone with baggage. Whoops. That rules ME out : )

          Their loss.


          • I did say “relatively” – no doubt your history has given you a lot of challenges to face. The very fact that I had to ask if this was real, should be a pretty good indicator that you are on top of it. I don’t doubt that you have internal turmoil, but your attitude is positive, you relate well (here) and there are no obvious outward signs of the hell you have been through. I watched a psychiatrist being interviewed once and he was asked how they “cured” various mental illnesses. The basics boiled down to – they don’t. They find a way through behaviour modificiation and/or medication for the person to be able to return to “normal” life. It sounds a lot like you have achieved that yourself OB. Through your personal strength and power of will. And whatever assistance you have engaged.Congratulations, I’m sure not many come through similar situations and manage to help themselves.


            • Hey, I should definitely just put a HUGE smile on my face and take the compliment. That is something my sister and I are still working on–learning to take compliments!

              Thank you, thank you, Paul. You’re right. I AM pretty darn amazing 🙂


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