“I Feel Good” AIN’T Wrong

For those of you riding height-advantaged horses, please dismount: You think that, when you ask us punier-pony riders “How are you?” if we answer “Good”, we are wrong.


Here we go, doubters:


Opposite “good”, the word “bad”:
You either feel bad now, or good.
Opposite “badly” is “well”,
To say if hands feel what they should.

A Dangerous Job

Which is Glass and Which the Ice? If You Feel Well, You Don’t Think Twice.

We’re sorting clear glass
Out from ice,
Whoever’s fastest
Wins a prize.

“I feel badly,
My hands are numb,
I feel bad,
‘Cause I can’t come.”

“I feel well;
My hands are fine;
I feel good;
That prize is mine!”

Grammar Goddess:
“I feel well”.
Means touch is good;
Your fingers feel
Just what they should.

“I feel good.”
Means health’s at peak.
(Or fingers work,
But grammar’s weak.)

What More Appropriate Prize Than a Handwarmer?

Icky-poo. Designed for guys to hide in public that which should be done in private?  (I know: Sexist.)

Now, I AM the Grammar Goddess1, but I detect rightness based upon pattern-matching–my younger-day schools were too “advanced” to believe in teaching that old-fashioned grammar stuff–whereas Grammar Girl explains, and clearly, the rules and reasons behind feeling good and bad.

I may be (and am!) Grammar Goddess, Spelling Sorceress, and Punctuation Princess-, but my awesome powers take effect only when I preach, or edit the writing of others. When I generate my own pieces, some mysterious force pulls me from those pedestals and plunges me into the Chasm of Error, from where I can extricate myself only long after my pieces are published.

Hat-tip to: The Byronic Man, a blog with a whole buncha meaty, thought-provoking posts. Browsing over there gave me the idea for this post.

2014-03-23–changed title
2014-03-03–removed second superfluous superscript (and alliterally commented thereon).

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