The Sexist Word Hit List (Women’s Version)

Ball-and-chain, cougar, crone, ditzy, flat-chested, hag, homely, jailbait, kankles, nag, old maid, plain Jane, skank, slut, spinster…

Here’s a thought: If there’s no equivalent word to insult males, STOP USING THE WORD. If we’re serious about this equality thing, that is.

Stop using them in your speech. If you’re a writer or blogger, stop writing ’em.

Some of you, though, are already laughing too hard. “The idiot! How can there be a male equivalent for ‘flat-chested‘?”.

And I say: How about “Small-balled?” “Puny-pricked?”

Men would be up in arms if their penis sizes (or ass, shoulder, or bicep sizes) were commented on openly, yet men feel free to comment openly about women’s body part sizes and shapes, often in mixed groups, in print and public, even in respected publications.

What. The. F#ck.

The Pejorative Alphabet of Sexism–Women’s Version

Feel free to comment, add terms, fill in the missing letters.

ball and chain
A wife or live-in girlfriend as a weight dragging down her man. “Chain”, at least, ought to apply to the wife-beaters out there.

A woman who men think has a sexy body but an unattractive face (“Sexy but [for] her face.”) No equivalent term for men. Because fewer women are both so shallow and cruel?

A middle-aged or older woman dating a much-younger man. Some women think this is a compliment. Most men use it as an insult. It seems that most men admire older men who “snag” younger women; especially when the age gap is very large.

A wrinkled old woman. No equivalent for a wrinkled old man. Why don’t we stop insulting old men AND women?

A silly, disorganized woman. No equivalent for men.

An unnecessary vaginal bidet-in-a-bottle, used to insult men. Just yuck.

Why is it okay to consider the body a woman was born with–or anyone’s body or face they cannot change without surgery–fair game for insult? Any body size/part insults used only for men?

girl/little girl/ladies(when used to mean “weak” or “cowardly”)
Fathers, coaches, teachers, drill sergeants–call boys “ladies” or “girls” to insult them and make them work harder. Males, you are insulting your own mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters, as well as those of your sons, and you are preparing your straight sons for poorer relationships with women.

See how young boys are when they learn their girls-are-lesser lessons:

An ugly, usually old, woman. See crone

harpy, harridan
Terms that describe extremely unpleasant abrasive women who constantly harrangue others. There are no equivalent insult words for men.

“To henpeck” — When a man doesn’t like a woman complaining more than once about something he hasn’t done yet. See nag.

“Henpecked”– What some men call another who listens to his woman partner more than THEY think he should. See pussy-whipped.

Or: A cowardly man afraid of a bossy woman partner. Used as a meme in books and film, the woman is often portrayed as large, ugly, and loud-mouthed, and the man as petite.

A word for ugly; used almost exclusively for women.

Males who are wrongly attracted to very young girls use this term to let themselves off the moral hook by blaming those girls. But females wanting sex with too-young males are viewed as perverts–as well they should be.

Ankles wider than a man thinks they should be. No new words are coined by women for men’s body parts to insult them. (Comment if you know of any.)

Penis. As in “I’ll LET you lick it”. Other cultures have described the delights of women’s nether regions, but ours has offered very little in that regard in comparison to extolling the joys of dick. (Love you, Missy Elliot, for a great experience of hearing something different in tone –tho’ eff that shaving it sh#t! If a man wants a little-girl pussy, he probably likes jailbait, too.)

Frequently paired with “flat-chested”. A meme in film, as if smaller-breasted women are genetically doomed to be virgins and frightened of the world. Just as larger-breasted women are thought by many males to be hotter for (their) action.

nag, nagging
When a man complains that a job wasn’t done which should have been, it’s called “complaining”. When a woman makes a reasonable request of a man, and he blows her off, and then again, and then AGAIN, this word is his way of excusing himself and blaming her, even in the business world (e.g. “I would have done it if she hadn’t NAGGED me.”)

old maid
An unmarried woman older than a culture thinks is acceptable for her to stay single. But for men, “bachelor” is acceptable, or even a compliment, at any age.

plain Jane
No male equivalent.

pussy(when used to mean cowardly)
WHY is okay to call males cowards by publicly calling them a word for “vagina”?

The modern, more women-hating version of henpecked.

A slut who is also dirty.

The double standard is just as alive today as in the 1950’s. The more women a man “conquers”, the more he is admired.

Another word for old maid.

thunder thighs
Yet another repulsive term used by some men–even obese men–to insult a part of women’s bodies. Yet women do not think to do the same to men. Isn’t it time the greater number of men who indulge in first-grade name-calling about women chose to grow up instead?

WHY do many men continue to put women down? If they’d stop, we women could stop putting men down…

You think I WANT to be up on a feminist soapbox so often? Makes me tired. Now, where are some strong male arms to carry me to bed…

Uh…no. Not yours.


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