Science, or Art?: An Application of Creative Truthiness In the Workplace

I wrote some poems.
Some think they’re smart.
Some think they’re dumb.
I’ll call them Art.



Creative Truthiness In a Can

(This Real Art is by Joey Allgood, at RealWeirdArt©)

Applied Linguistics

Babe sits at her desk all day,
Seems to dream the day away.
But if to that she did admit,
Employer and Babe would soon be split.

(It isn’t that she doesn’t try;
It’s just that thinking makes her cry.)

But Babe is wise in one small way:
She knows daydreaming doesn’t pay,
So rather than her habits change,
The syntax she has rearranged:

Syntax Definition

“The arrangement of words…to create well-formed sentences.”

Management, always impressed
By “looked at” stated     reassessed,
Or “Now” said as     This point in time,
Has chosen to ignore her crime,

Has left her to her own devices,
While other peoples pays the prices.

“This isn’t laziness” says she,
“A better word is:

Entropy Definition

“Lack of order or predictabililty; gradual decline into disorder.”

The actions and work habits of the project members in these adjoining offices are not at all fishy. Daily, they industriously visit each others’ project areas to chat, until, exhausted from their efforts, they settle slowly to the sandy bottom floor.
Fishy Gas Distribution-Entropy Gif

Poetry in Ocean 🙂

“K” is Karla Kraken, their single (1) efficient manager, who has earned 5 out of 5 Productivity Stars. Whoo-Hoo! Way to go, Karla!!
One Baad Dog
A Single Occurrence of
A Deviant Canine or

It is sad, I suppose,
When a word dons new clothes;
Because how does we knows,
If it comes or it goes?

Like when NASA torqued “normal”,
Into something more formal,
And came up with “nominal”!
Truly abominal.

But for one who loves punning,
And thrills to word-funning,
Tricky and slippery words are trés cunning.

When a bad can mean good,
When a dog can mean man,
“Bad dog” can mean one dog
Less chastised, it can.

The laziness/entropy word switch is actually more an issue of semantics than syntax,

Semantics Definition

The meaning of a word, PHRASE, sentence, or text.

but I left it as it was written originally because of the more-words-are-better-isms used in business.
The first poem was written decades back, when I was a first-year programmer. The second was written as a comment on this WordPress post.


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