How Hot Cereal Made Me a Feminist

I lied.   Hot cereal didn’t make me a feminist. I suspect I was born one. But, when I was very, very (very) young, it did put a voice to my feminism.


HO Farina Still

“This Will Give Us Strength To Get That E.R.A. Amendment Passed, Sweet-Pea!”


But first, the REAL reason for this post:

I am asking today, if you have not yet seen it, to go visit this Freshly-Pressed post, If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist). Its author, Anna Fonté, simply lists some personal experiences which have combined to make her a feminist–and then invites her readers to post their own reasons for why they are feminists.

Anna’s reasons are…big ones. Her writing is bare. I believe her post will become known as one of the classic pieces about feminism.

I chose not to add big reasons (I’ve got plenty.) Here is what I commented on Anna’s post:

Why I Am a Feminist

Because of the big stuff you said. And because of the small stuff. That isn’t small.

Because I could never get an A in Penmanship no matter how hard I tried–my letters were “too small and not slanty enough” according to my teacher–but the two boys who wrote teeny-tiny letters were awarded As.

Because my favorite commercial, for H.O. Farina, told the truth, when Willie said to Wilhelmina that he thought she couldn’t move a big rock ’cause “Hah! You’re a GIRL!”–Then she picked it up and threw it a mile!

Because I didn’t like girl games and Barbie dolls.

Because I was suspended for wearing pants to school.

And because they wouldn’t let me take shop and learn woodworking, but forced me instead to prepare for my future role by learning about different cuts of steak.

And because when my two girlfriends and I forced our way into Auto Mechanics class, the teacher refused the entire year to let us work on a car. And got away with it.

Because my brother told me once, after hearing me on the phone all afternoon with coworkers and vendors:
“No WONDER you piss people off: You talk like a man. Nobody likes that from a woman.”

Because, when my spouse was clearly irritated at me in public, those around clearly assumed I was in the wrong.

Thank you for your post.

Every DAY I trip over that rock, Wilhelmina!
    Move it, Willie!

Can’t–‘s too BIG!
    I’LL move it!

HAH! You’re a GIRL!
    (Heaves rock a mile!)

“Strong Wilhelmina,
Eats her farina,
H.O. Farina,
Creeeeam farina,
Smooth and delicious,
All boys and girls,
Love it so…

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